CN Blue (bahasa Korea: 씨엔블루), ditulis juga dengan gaya CNBLUE adalah band indie rock asal Korea Selatan. Band ini memulai debutnya di Jepang pada tanggal 19 Agustus 2009 dengan album mini pertama band ini yaitu Now or Never.


Full name: Jung Yong Hwa (정용화) (ジョン · ヨンファ, 郑 容 和)
Date of birth: June 22, 1989 (age 22)
Position: Leader, main Vocalist, Rapper, Rhythm Guitarist
Other: Play as Kang Shin Woo in the drama You’re Beautiful andLee Shin in the drama of Heartstrings. It comes in variety show We Got Married with Seohyun of Girls’ Generation. Heart ”

Lee Jong Hyun (이종현)
Japanese Name: ジョンヒョン

Position: Guitarist, Vocalist

Date of Birth: May 15, 1990 (1990-05-15)
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 64kg
Blood Type: O
Hobby: Appreciating music, exercising
Specialty: Judo
Attraction: Chic smile

Instruments: Paul Red Smith (custom 22), Gibson (historic 1959, Les Paul electric guitar), Carvin (custom shop bolt), Gibson Les Paul Traditional Gold TopFender Fat Sound “One Off” Relic StratocasterMartin (HD28)
Meet CN BLUE’s resident troll Lee Jonghyun. This attractive man was made in South Korea on May 15, 1990. He is the former leader, current guitarist & vocalist of CN BLUE. His specialty is rubbing thighs and sleeping with only underwear on. I’m just kidding, sort of… His specialty is actually Judo, mess with him and he’ll kick your ass. You can try to beat him in Tekken, but good luck because Jin & Law are his favorite characters so you might want to learn some cheats before trying. Don’t want to hurt him? You MAY be able to win this pretty boy’s heart by cosplaying hello kitty or pork soup 😉

Full name: Kang Min Hyuk (강민혁) (カン · ミンヒョク, 姜 敏赫)
Date of birth: June 28, 1991 (age 20)
Position: Backing Vocals, Drummer
Other: Serves as the drama Hwang Yeon Doo It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter and June Yeo Hee in the    drama of Heartstrings. Role and the film “Acoustic”. Appear in the MV Orange Caramel “Magic Girl”

Full name: Lee Jung Shin (이정신) (イ · ジョンシン, 李正信)
Date of birth: 15 September1991 (age 20)
Position: Backing Vocals, Rapper, Bassist
Other: Appeared in MV 4Minute “Heart to Heart”

111012 TV Station

Scanned by: bluestar@cnbjonghyun
Translations by: ketchBurning

Their favorite Japanese musician
YH : X JAPAN, L’Arc~en Ciel
JH : Tomoyasu Hotei(co-starred at Aug.27’music&beards;’), BUMP OF CHICKEN
MH : GReeeeN

Q. how do you feel at major debut in japan?
YH: even if after major debut, our feeling for music won’t change, we want to keep having same passion as before.
and we want to try to play various sound and want to get skills more.
JH: this is the new start for us.
we feel so happy because this is the good chance to listen to our music for many people in Japan than before.

Q. major debut song ‘In My Head’ was composed by YH, right?
YH: yes. actually i made this song long before.
after that, i repeated modified a little and listened again and again, we had treat to cherish this song.
so when we debut in Japan, we chosen this song.

Q. what song is this?
YH: this song’s theme is our passions.
MH: this song’s rhythm is simple, but melody is intense and strong.
my cool drum play is one of this song’s key point, so please listen to it carefully.
JS: of course (i want to listen to) my play, but i like YH hyong’s powerful vocal too.

Q. how are u in your dorm life?
JS: me, if anyone doesn’t clean our dorm, i do it only myself.
i’m such types of a man.
YH: (like a kidding) JS is a little like a servant.
(all members lol with clap)
MH: YH hyong & JH hyong are the type of don’t care about others.
but sometimes they come to our room and come onto playfully.
then get tired it, they go away.
YH: MH is always shut him behind closed doors, not go out at all.
JS: (big nodding) MH is a outsider (laugh)

Q what ambitions do u have for your Japan activities?
MH: i want to be a band, like everyone hears our song and immediately knows that is CNBLUE’s song.
YH: i want to perform at Arena tour or Tokyo Dome someday.
JS: i want to send many people to our music,
to play live performance & to release many albums.
JH: i want to do all things won’t regret, if we look back later, anyway.

[editor’s eye]
we reporters felt that their best attractive is their good friendly terms.
because of living together, they looks like a real brothers.
when they are taking photo, in a little time they gather same place naturally.
at interview, they seated on one sofa closely each other,it was very charming sight.
they had many skinship too, JS did his hair and touch YH’s face, during it YH was patting MH’s head (laugh).
MH & JH were reading same magazine & laughing get along with together.
they has cool faces at their performances, but it was really attractive that their natural faces with smiles like a boy.


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